Contr SS for:   : UGD and Sons Electric, Inc.
EXPOSURE   Present Carrier Recommendations
    Additional note: names and addresses have been changed.  
Named Insd (s) Ok, but Carrier names  
no Inc, W Comp. are actual.  
    Most #s are in  
PROPERTY/IM   thousands.  
Bldg1   185.5  
Bpp 1   200  
address: 106 High St., (note, rated NC,
Winnsboro   not correct, front JM)
Bldg 2   117.4  
Bpp 2   100 150
address: Rear 106 High St,    
Bldg 3   5  
Bpp 3   25  
address: 110 High St    
SIR?   No NA
coins/removed?   80%/No OK, if insd to value
valuation   RC OK
cause of loss   Special OK
deduct   0.5 OK
EQ/Deduct   No Cov Need quote on EQ
FLOOD   No Cov OK? (high ground?)
Sign   10 OK
A/Rec   25 OK, back ups in safe
Val Papers   25 Buddy: figure 100k
EDP HW   Incl  
Data Media   Did not note Need 2.5, not a big deal
BI/EE   25-EE only OK
Deduct   0.5 OK
Repair/Repl.   50 Did not discuss
Demol/Repl   50 Did not discuss
Pprop off prem   25 (no stock) Floater covers real expos.
Terr   if certified act Did not discuss
EXPOSURE   Present Carrier Recommendations
Property/IM, cont'd  
Port Tools   16 OK
Max/item   1 OK
Deduct   0.5 OK
ACV/RCV   ACV RC would be nice, avail?
Coins   None OK
Contr Equip/Sched.  
See below for total, client   OK
keeping up w/ list. Why trailers here on
TOTALS   77.882 auto pol?
Newly purch equip, 25% lmt.   OK
cat limit/100k for 30 days  
Leased/rented equip 80 (per item/occ) OK
    (rate 1.75 per ?)  
    For theft cov, must be  
    vis signs of forced entry,  
    will they remove this?  
EE tools   No Cov OK, Ees know.
Installation Fl.      
per loc   100 OK
per disaster   100 OK
temp loc   12.5 OK
transit   12.5 Needs 25
cause of loss/ded. Special/.5 OK
(power surge)   No Cov.  
transit/not rel. to inst. 25 (no cov here OK, no need
    for contr tools/equip)  
boiler and mach   No Cov. OK, no need
EXPOSURE Present Carrier Recommendations
occ/agg   1/2M OK
pers and adv inj.   1M OK
rented prem   100 OK
med pay   5 OK
EBL   500/1M OK
class codes    
91585, Contractor, subs 150 (cost of) OK
92478, Elect Wiring in 790.242 (payroll)  
Elect Data, prop damage, No Cov! Will Penn Nat add?
incl loss of use   see note below  
Vacant land, plus 2 lots, No Cov Add to CGL schedule
unknown addresses.   adjacent to.
Deduct (PD), per claim 1 Get per occ?
add'l interests      
UG DesPortes and UG Jr, No Cov Add prop owners.
prop owners      
Electr data excl by definition.  
empl theft   10 Buddy: figure 50k.
forg/alt   No Cov Did not discuss
inside/out   10 in, 5 out OK
ERISA bond   No Cov Did not discuss
computer fraud   No Cov Did not discuss
funds transfer fraud No Cov Did not discuss
money orders and No Cov Did not discuss
EPL   No Cov Cover
claim/agg   NA 250/500 min recomm.
SIR   NA 2.5
co pay   NA None
cause of loss   NA Depends on carrier
    Get Third Party also.
EXPOSURE   Present Carrier Recommendations
liab/symb   1M/1  
# units   24  
um/uim   1M/1M OK
hired/n/o   Incl OK
comp/sym   .25/7&8 Did not discuss
coll/sym   .5/7&8  
# units   22 Did not discuss
Loss payees on old autos. Current?  
hired pdam   35 (.5 ded) Did not discuss
DOC   Sarah DesPortes Need UGD Jr.
add'l insds   None  
EL limits   500/500/500 OK
States for 1 part 1 SC OK
States for 3 part 3 All except 5 OK
officer incl?   Yes OK
    We should review loss
EXP MOD   1.33 runs, audited payroll, is
    this correct?
class codes    
5190: Elect Wiring 516.2 Did not discuss
5605: Exec Super 252.8 Did not discuss
8227: Perm Yard 21.2 Did not discuss
8810: Clerical   30 Did not discuss
Sched credit/debit None OK
C UMB Occ/Agg 3M  
SIR   10  
Third party discrim Yes (race, rel, age  
    sex, phys disab)  
Empl Liab   Excl (why?) Why excl?
Contr Limit End   Incl What is def of excavation?
      Cut gas line, no cover?
Follow form on elect data Yes Same problem w/ CGL
Electromagnetic Rad Exc Rad Excl Yes What is this talking abt?
Internet Liab   Excl  
Contr E&O   No Cov Would have to have diff
limit   NA markets to cover this.
ded   NA  
Present Carrier  
Penn National A-
Best's Ratings Westport ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Not in Best's Guide,  
how rated?  
Note to website      
readers; most    
problems here      
were fixed. Annual Premiums
EXPOSURE Present Carrier  
Property   1.762  
IM   1.048  
GL   5.974  
Crime   Incl  
Auto   26.428  
Other:   NA  
Other:   NA  
EPL   NA  
Fiduc   NA  
Other   NA  
Other   NA  
C Umb.   4.819  
W Comp   48.735  
Subtotal   88.766  
Add/Subtract for 'Apples'   NA (No competitive comparison here)  
REAL TOTAL   88.766