We Perform Insurance Related Consulting and Management of Your Risks: 


  • Assistance in the Bidding Process (or RFP)

  • Policy Reviews

  • Risk Transfer Reviews

  • General Coverage Advice and Counsel

  • Worker’s Compensation Premium Issues, including Experience Mod Audits

  • Contract Reviews

  • Expert Witness Work in Insurance Related Litigation

  • Group Health Insurance Agent Recommendations (normally no fee to clients/commissions accepted)

  • Business Continuation and Estate Perpetuation work (normally no fee to clients/commissions accepted)


No Property/Casualty Insurance Sold






"It was almost like having a translator in the room."

"...Sometimes you have to spend money to save money."

"I would highly recommend Mr. DesPortes..."



"...Your opinions are as unbiased as can be."

"With your assistance I feel much more confident my coverage is complete."

"Your expertise compares apples to apples, and makes the quote process legitimate"